Carlos Mazalán
Carlos Mazalán is a pioneer in communications and PR related to business, technology and entertainment in Latin America.
He founded his company in 1994 and since then he has advised more than 400 companies, chambers and associations throughout the region.
Carlos was born in Argentina. He graduated from the National Technological University (UTN). He is member of the Public Relations Professionals Counsel in Argentina, member of Interact (the digital agencies association) and member of undación Clementina.
He is co-author of the book International Public Relations: Successful PR Techniques for Use in Major Markets Around the Globe and director of the Community Management and Digital Communications Diploma at Universidad Siglo 21.
He is guest professor at Universidad Católica Argentina´s corporate communications postgraduate school, UADE, UP and USAL.
María Cardoso
General Manager
María joined Mazalán in 2014 to lead the business units of PR, marketing and digital communications.
Before that she was in charge of several positions in important national and international companies. In her early days she was Project Leader in the marketing department of Apple Computer.
She was later VP for Latin America in Matchcode, marketing consulting agency, where she lead the region for more than 5 years.
She was business development manager in Grupo La Nación, strategic marketing manager of Lotus-IBM Latin America operations and marketing manager of Reed Reed Exhibitions, company focused in the organization of congresses and big events.
Fernando ArocenaDigital Communications

Curiosity is my engine. I cook. I play tennis. I rarely sleep. Motto: Live, learn, make a mark.

Gonzalo HerreraPR

love everything I do. I am a studious traveler. I do not know what shame is. I sleep little. I live a lot..

Laura CondePR

​If someone put salt in your coffee, suspect me. I ​cry with laughter and I'm a fan of everything I like. Convinced that there is no harm that 1/4 of ice cream can´t cure

Juliana Correa DuqueColombia & Ecuador

My passion is to see a project that was in my mind come true. I am complete doing Yoga and eating lots of chocolate.

Eduardo BermudezOperations

Passion for communication and inconditional love for photography. Serial addict. A nice guy.

José Luis SecoOnline Marketing

I am an IT curious person. I keep it simple to then complicate it. I read a lot, I share what I know and I ask what I don´t know.

Sabrina GutierrezPR

Every day feels like Friday when you love what you do. This means not cooking, watching zombie movies in unicorn-shaped slippers and then cartoons before going to bed." Live and let live.

María Soledad CoteloDigital Communications

Seriousness is not synonymous with professionalism. Fan of perfect orthography, the pyramids of Egypt, Mad Men and cumbia.

Rodrigo EspinelDigital Communications

Amateur writer, competent copywriter, professional fat guy.

Sol BenítezPR

Too curious to be linked into only one thing. So... Audiovisual producer, apprentice writer, blogger from time to time, and expert in helpful tips for useless tasks.

Erika LópezDigital Communications

Restless, publicist. Always with a trip in mind and a book in the light table.

Sabrina BugalloPR

Communication lover by nature and choice. Fan of writing, speaking and listening.

Jimena CardosoMarketing

Natural communicator. Spontaneous and determined. Lover of life in all its versions.

Rocío Rodriguez ValsagnaPR

Passionate of sports, cinephile and series lover. Everything in my life reminds of a Friends episode. Boca Juniors fan and I'm from sagittarius.

Account Executives
María Sol Cabrejas PrietoPR

Taurine. Lover of meetings, the good stories and food fanatic. Always with my family and friends.

Daniela SpinelliPR

Artistic skater. I'm funny and very restless. I love animals, my friends and my family. Long live to the trips.

Martín VenturaMarketing

My life is a TV show. Art, music and series fan. Friendly tip: Life is too short to be stressed.

Natalia DalzottoProducer

Sagitarian. Hard to define. My kids, immense love! Family and friends, big trasures! Travel, singing, perfect plans! I enjoy the adrenaline of the events.

Isabel Murcia CastañedaPR - Colombia

In love with my son and the life I have. Lover of the trips in car, of the good chocolates, to sleep, to meditate and to paint mandalas.

Jenny Arias GonzálezPR - Colombia

Dynamic, efficient and enterprising. I am a calm person who enjoys every moment of life.

Milagros PradoDigital Communications

Fan of googling things and nerd by choice. Idiolects tends to stick to me. Tomorrow will be another bio because I´m a millennial, can´t help it.

Victoria FontenlaPR

I'm a fan of books and series. I love to walk and sing. My family, my dog ​​and friends always come first.

Gabriela DíazPR

Social Communicator. Friendly, sensitive and nap fundamentalist.

Melisa SilvaPR

Summer lover, dreamer and friendly. Always travel.

Sofía BrunoPR

Inevitably talkative and curious. Lover of camp-fires to mate and guitar. Actress and singer by birth, and did not change anything for a sunday watching The Sound of Music.

Laura CañupanDigital Communications

Music, travel & books. I try to go to as many live shows I can. Grunge fundamentalist.

Delfina OrlandoPR

I must always have a notebook, a pencil and a book. I read everything I see, and I dream of being the author of a book someone is reading in the subway. If I had a power, I'd make the day last 48hs.

Pilar PlanellsPR

Posgraduate in cultural management, cyclist and globetrotter. My best plan: open air, good music, family and friends.

Agustina DussertPR

I Make lists for everything. ​I dreamed on being Susana Gimenez and Lucha Aymar, but now i think that just being Agus it's fine. Any time is a good time to drink mate.

María Florencia CappelliPR

Bartender wannabe. I love writting and learning new thing. In another life i was guitarrist on a rockband

Tatiana Mon AvalleDigital Communications

Digital Jedi. I have a tv show to recommend in every life situation. Convinced that time is a flat circle.

Andrea GonzalezMarketing

Curious, restless, joyfull and a little grumpy. The best plan: mate with good people. I'm like Bob the Builder: I try to fix everything.

Daniela PradaPR - Colombia

I love cooking, especially desserts. I genuinely believe that wishes come true, especially when you ask to airplanes. I'm curious, observant and a very smiling person.

Diana Ladrón de Guevara

I'm in public relations by conviction, passionate for life. I believe in people's potential, and their capacities. I love dancing and to enjoy the simple life, good company, music.

Miriam CastellanoPR & Digital Communications - Colombia

Passionate for the digital world. When others find crisis, I see opportunities. I like to build relations from people's virtues. Addicted to good stories, no matter the format.

Marcela ChaparroAssistant Director

100% in love with my daughter, believer and happy with my family. Always thankful to what life gives me.

Tomás Del ValPR

There are two types of people in the world and I am neither. First a musician. I sing and write by default. I can anticipate every Back To The Future dialogue and I know a lot about Batman.

Carla BoggianoPR

Volleyball player and lover of the endless talks. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't laugh at everything.

Camila SabbionePR

"Cinephile and series lover. Time spend with my family and friends is really important for me. Traveling and discovering new places is what I love the most. "

María Cecilia PellónPR

"Chispita", curious and bold. My life is handled by my little lists of "what to do, what to read, where to go" and I always carry a book in my bag. Old movies, music and gastronomy fan.

Juan Bautista VercelliDigital Communications

Journalism, now digital. Curious and restless. Sports. If i don't win it, the point counts. I have moments.

Administration department
Cristina Pereyra

Perfeccionist and passionate: if you do something, why not do it the best possible way? #1 love: my daughter. I love to travel, a nice meal in good company and the color violet.

Walter Tomasella

I enjoy a lot of the simple things in life, a mate, home, family, friends. Occasionally a trip.

Guido Rodriguez

Lover of sports, Fan of the beach and doing things outdoors, I can not sit still for long. Hard work pays off ...

Raúl Toriggia

"Cuervo" by heart with more years than I feel. Amateur actor, I like to write and dream and I love numbers

Paula Erdfehler

Grateful to life. Engaged. Fanatic of science fiction, a good book under a nice tree and sleeping listening to the rain.

Agustín Mazalán

New technology and video games enthusiast. My ideal saturday begins with having a glass of coca-cola nearby and playing with friends. Always looking forward to change for the better.

Roseida Gonzalez

Venezuelan in Baires adding layers of experience, Dir. Of art ATL mutated to the digital. Transparent as a PNG, I live my life like san serif and I like to eat everything that makes you bold.